Beaufort 2018

The Triennale Beaufort runs until September 30, 2018. There are 19 works of art to admire over the entire Belgian coast (with the exception of Blankenberge). Two of these can be viewed in the municipality of Middelkerke.

1. The Navigator Monument

1. The Navigator Monument In Westende you can see a work of art by the Danish artist Simon Dybbroe Moller. The artist is a Dane, he works and lives in Frankfurt and exhibited works in many world cities like New York, Copenhagen and Berlin. He also won several important prizes. The Navigator Monument was placed on the beach of Westende at beach club De Kwinte. The municipality Middelkerke decided to purchase the work and in this way to further expand the sculpture park. The work is based on the Netscape Navigator logo, the former search engine that lost its leading position on the internet to Microsoft explorer in the late nineties. The sculpture is placed against the background of the North Sea where the physical cables of the internet are just below the water surface. Location Beach near surf club de Kwinte in Westende

2. Holy Land

2. Holy Land The Promised Land is a theme that returns in the different religions. More than 30,000 North African colonial soldiers died in Europe during W.O.I., but their descendants have never been given the right to migrate to Europe, thus maintaining the idea of ​​Europe as the promised land. More than 20,000 refugees drowned on their way to Europe in the last 20 years. The installation of the French artist Kader Attia is a temporary monument that gives an honorable burial to both the colonial soldiers and the refugees who drowned on their way to Europe. Location Beach near van Zeedijk 23 in Middelkerke


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