De Caterpillar 5 bis

Wim Delvoye is certainly one of the most important Belgian artists in recent history. He puts everyday objects or creatures in a new light. His projects are meticulously prepared and executed by a team of engineers and designers. In addition to that precision and detail, his work is typified by the search for confrontation - in theme and in carriers, but always with absolute beauty as the greatest objective. His series 'Caterpillars' dates back to 2002. The neo-Gothic lifting cranes symbolize a melting point between the past (when - literally - it took centuries before a Gothic cathedral was built) and now (thanks to high-tech tools we realize the most spectacular buildings in no time at all). 'Caterpillar # 5' was realized within the framework of Beaufort01 and purchased by Maritime Services Coastal of the Flemish Government. performance Corten steel, the Gothic patterns were cut out with laser technology Place Zeedijk between Middelkerke and Westende-bath, near Louis Logierlaan (water tower)


Ontvang wekelijks het laatste nieuws van Middelkerke