The IGmiddelkerke route is a fact! The most beautiful spots in Middelkerke can now be explored thanks to the IGmiddelkerke route Machtg Middelkerkefotografen have compiled a cycle route that runs along the spots where you can take the most beautiful photos in Middelkerke. These go from the beach to the winding hinterland roads, to the monumental Beaufort art, to the bunkers from WW II, but also to the picturesque landscapes in the hinterland. Everyone is invited to take pictures along the route and share them on social media with #IGmiddelkerke. The photographers of Machtig Middelkerke determined the route The Machtig Middelkerke project is a project in which amateur photographers make photographs that they took in Middelkerke available to the municipal services. These photos are included in municipal publications and promotional campaigns. With a selection of these entries, a cycle route was drawn through Middelkerke. The cycle route was 41.5 km long. If you do not feel like riding such a big tour, it can be shortened to 30 km or even up to 26.5 km, without having to miss many beautiful spots. De Machtig Middelkerkefotografen of which photos are included in the IGmiddelkerke route are Jos Thorrez, Eric Lefevere, Chloé Vandeweghe, Ludo Coulier, Patrick Bielen, Anne-Laure Proot, Johan Lambert, Luc Cassiman, Diane Coemans and Eric Roelen.

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