Marcel Kiekeboe

In 1999 the statue of Marcel Kiekeboe was unveiled.

The Kiekeboes is a Belgian comic series by artist Merho. The series revolves around the adventures of the family of Marcel and Charlotte Kiekeboe. The Kiekeboes are a typical living family. It could be your neighbors. Father Marcel has a banal office job. Mother Charlotte works through an employment agency and keeps her family tight in her hand. Beautiful teenage daughter Fanny has one friend after another. And Nopel, her younger brother, is like everyone in this time a boulder in computers. A very ordinary family. With the big difference that they repeatedly end up in the most incredible adventures.

Artist: Luc Madou

Location: Zeedijk at the Jean van Hinsbergstraat


Ontvang wekelijks het laatste nieuws van Middelkerke