Nick Ervinck looks for the interaction between virtual constructions and handmade sculptures. In his still young oeuvre, Ervinck uses a variety of means of expression: digital prints, video, drawings and especially sculptural forms from painted plaster, polyester and wood that are presented in a secure manner in a given space. It is a decisive game with images, materials and space and a balancing act between means and purpose, between meticulous calculation and inspired improvisation. For Beaufort04 he creates a new sculpture called OLNETOP. The artistic installation of 8 meters high refers to splashing waves. This sculpture is inspired by a natural dynamic, but is also inspired by the power of the virtual. The virtual form is not 'liberated' from the material, through a process of cutting down or chiselling, but becomes a productive or generative principle in itself.


Ontvang wekelijks het laatste nieuws van Middelkerke