Stripmuur Nero en Co

In memory of Marc Sleen, Nero's spiritual father, who died on November 6, 2016, Nero and many of his friends, including Madam Pheip, Madam Nero, Adhemar, Petoetje, Petatje, Tuizentfloot, ... are allowed on the façade of the police station. in the Spermaliestraat in Middelkerke. Piet Fluwijn and Bolleke also have a prominent place at the police station. With this wall we celebrate the 70th anniversary of Nero. The design is by the hand of draftsman Dirk Stallaert. The mural was again realized by Art Mural vzw.

It was the request from the municipality of Middelkerke to refer in the design to Middelkerke and the coast. Besides beach and sea, you can also discover subtle references to a number of well-known Middelkerk events such as the Champagne weekend, the Beer weekend, the Visweekend and Tastoe. And, of course, the drawing symbolizes the diversity of leisure facilities that Middelkerke has to offer to its inhabitants and its visitors. You can enjoy the peace and nature, you can enjoy it culinary and you can also spend your free time in an active and even adventurous way.


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