Suske en Wiske

In 2002 the statue of Suske and Wiske was unveiled.

Suske en Wiske is a Flemish comic series that was coined by Willy Vandersteen and was initially also signed by himself. Later the comic was continued by other artists of Studio Vandersteen. It is one of the most popular comic series in Flanders and one of the Flemish comic strips that has become very popular in the Netherlands. The series has been running since 1945, making it the longest running series of at least the Benelux, and according to some even worldwide. Central is often a more or less current social theme. In addition, the stories contain all sorts of elements from Flemish folklore, famous fairy tales and folktales, history and mythology. Besides Suske and Wiske, rag doll Schannulleke, Lambik, Aunt Sidonia and powerhouse Jerom also play important roles in the adventures of Suske en Wiske. They are often assisted by Professor Barabas with his Teletime Machine or other inventions.

Artist: Monique Mol

Location: Zeedijk at the Paul de Smet de Naeyerstraat


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