Tour Elentrik brings color and creativity to the streets

Tour Elentrik gives Middelkerke a playful shock therapy with a high artistic voltage to give you extra summer energy during a versatile staycation!

Work in progress

Over the next three years, we will unleash talented street artists on a few carefully chosen electrical boxes. This year we put the plug in Tour Elentrik with the first 10 works, but in the end, thanks to this feel-good project, we are turning 30 gray electrical boxes into unique and frivolous works of art.

Surprising power surge

We connect all artful electrical boxes in a beautiful Tour Elentrik and thereby map out a new tourist art route.

Street art, a gift on the way.

Street artists want to brighten up the street scene, in places that consist of gray and gray concrete.
Especially in places where you don't expect it, the art catches the eye. Interaction with the environment is important.
A street artist takes into account the location of the artwork and its effect on passers-by.

Street art can be found everywhere. You just have to keep an eye on it. Sometimes the works are large and striking and you cannot ignore them.
But you will also find the most beautiful surprises in small corners.


These are the exact locations for 2020:

1. Entrance to Normandpark, Kleine Kerkweg.
2. De Oude Post Tourism Office, Joseph Casselaan 1.
3. Warandetoren, Louis Logierlaan 51.
4. Caterpillar and Flatbed trailer, Zeedijk 303.
5. Roundabout, Pluvierstraat near the glass globe.
6. Portiekenplein, Oorlogsinvalidenlaan 4.
7. Surfclub De Kwinte, Koning Ridderdijk 100.
8. Hotel St Laureins, Koning Ridderdijk / Strandlaan.
9. Spermaliehoeve, Brugsesteenweg 41.
10. Side of the Tourism Office Oude Post, Paul de Smet de Naeyerstraat.


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