Heritage walks

Westende-Bad is perfectly suited for a pleasant and instructive heritage walk.
Starting from Villa Les Zéphyrs, you can take a fascinating walk through Westende and discover the many listed buildings that bear witness to the fashionable past of this seaside resort.
Between the large apartment buildings you can still discern real gems of coastal architecture. Westende has dozens of listed buildings and buildings in a listed townscape.
Don't miss Grand Hotel Bellevue by the renowned Belgian architect Octave van Rysselberghe on the sea wall.European top architecture!

The Province of West Flanders has issued a brochure with a heritage walk in Westende. You can obtain this brochure at the counter of Villa Les Zéphyrs or at the other Tourist Information Offices in Middelkerke at the price of € 2.00. If you really have acquired a taste for it, you can also buy the heritage walks of the other coastal municipalities, packaged in a convenient heritage box. Cost price: € 20.00. Perfect if you want to make a journey of discovery on your own.

If you like a more personal approach, you can also hire a guide at the counter of Villa Les Zéphyrs. They will expertly take you on a fascinating and instructive trip through what was once one of the most fashionable seaside resorts of the Belgian coast.


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